COVID-19 - Services to immediately resume for up to 12 persons


Here at Christ the Saviour we have been blessed to now have a maximum of 12 persons at each Divine Liturgy and other services as well. We are pleased to pass this wonderful news on to you the faithful and to worship together with you as we all continue to celebrate the Glorious Paschal Season. As we gather for worship in the Church, we ask that everyone please be mindful of the following:

  • Everyone is to wear masks until such time as we are told otherwise.
  • We are all to social distance when in Church. Please observe this by using the appropriate tape spots on the floor.
  • When in line for Holy Communion, please observe social distancing.
  • After Divine Liturgy, we continue to observe the decorum of social distancing and so at present there will be no Coffee Hour, but we hope that this will be eventually returned as well.
  • For those needing to come for Holy Confession, I am available before or after Great Vespers, or by appointment. I can be reached at 724-991-6715 and 
As we continue to phase in our reopening, let us all continue to be patient and do our best to observe all that we are asked to observe through a faithful and generous spirit. By God's Grace, we will reach that time when we have passed through this temporary struggle. Above all let us continue to faithfully follow our continued directives from our Diocesan Leadership.

Your servant in Christ,

Archpriest Paisius R. McGrath